Headaches, new sensations, suddenly being able to perceive the unseen around you. Feeling like your life doesn't fit the way it used to, or maybe you don't know yourself as well as you thought you did. There's confusion, new language, new ideas, and a yearning for something... more. Tough to define alone, overwhelm and isolation seem tempting. I know, I took the long route...

But there's another way. 

There's a power inside of you, and all around you ready to help you - to not just make sense of the madness but to step into the life of your dreams. Let's simplify the journey ahead. It's time to tap into your potential to influence and impact your reality, to break down essential shifts and actionable steps from where you are... to help you find your anchor within, and create an exceptional life.


Align With Awakening

An Online Course Introducing You to

the Fundamentals of Spiritual Awakening, 

Empowering You to Grow with Confidence & Grace. 



About what Spiritual Awakening is, how it is impacting you, and how to pivot to power within YOUR experience! 7 easy to follow video lessons packed full of wisdom and dynamic shifts  will quantum leap your confidence & impact, wherever you are in your journey.


With actionable tools, giving you the edge you need to blast through confusion and limitations to clarity and ease so you can master your mindset & vibration. Become the captain of your fate, the author of your story, the light in your own path!


Experience deeper levels of self worth & exceptional connection. Know & Own your Truth. Create the life you're meant for when you cultivate alignment from within. Know peace on deeper levels than ever before. 

Meet Your Instructor,

April Lynn is an intuitive, educator, writer and transformation consultant. A warrior of light & personal development aficionado of over 25 years, she simplifies soulful success & empowerment -facilitating healing & growth in sessions, workshops & events. April is certified as an Usui Tibetan Reiki Ryoho Master Practitioner, ThetaHealing ® Practitioner, Academy of Modern Applied Psychology Life Coach, and is deeply passionate about gratitude, connection, and exceptional living.




Before I was April Lynn, I was a stay at home mom, running four home based businesses, president of the PTA and avid volunteer in my community. And I was burned out. My spiritual awakening COMPOUNDED the chaos and I spent years finding the bests ways OUT and OVER the overwhelm, disconnection, and AMICRAZY that can flood this experience for so many of us. Since 2018 I've been helping people from all walks of life to embrace their spark, with coaching proven to simplify (and quantum leap) personal growth & power. 


All seven video lessons available from the start so you can power through them all at once or break them down to fit them in at your convenience

Immediate Access

Your purchase provides immediate access and lasts the next 365 days! Retake the lessons that resonate (or the whole she-bang) as many times as you'd like for a full year! 

Free Downloads

Language PDF to help you retain and apply what you learn, and an inspirational graphic to print or use as wallpaper on your digital device!

Mini Meditation

Lesson 2 includes a mini meditation you can use to inspire your perspective shifting powers - an easy button for tuning in and quieting the mind!


Imagine a life where limitations crumble beneath  the weight of your divine passions & turn to dust in your radiant light. 

You are not alone.

You are not broken.

Align with your awakening & unlock your superpowers. 

I'm In!