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I’m April Lynn.

Since 2017, I've been helping others to embrace their authentic personal power, overcome obstacles, and simply uplevel their lives. You've been looking for a partner - in cultivating more authentic peace, joy, meaningful connection, freedom, and sovereignty. You yearn to live a life that is... more. 

Let's simplify your next level of soulful success together. Whether you're a seed seeking to grow where you're planted or a sturdy oak taking the next step towards the sky, I'm excited to partner with you in ushering in all the ease, grace, and prosperity you're meant for. 

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“Her knowledge base, compassion and talented approach was exactly what I needed. I will always be appreciative of her gifts and the ways in which she utilized them to help me move forward into my vision.”


Sara Gasch, The Grounded Path


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With over 25 years of intentional Personal Development study, and an intuitive strength in simplifying small shifts for practical application, April empowers audiences in personal, professional, and soulful success.

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“April is engaging, captivating, and exhilarating.

Her life, story, and her deep intuition... 

the perfect person to stand up and inspire the masses.”


Amy Schulte, Entrepreneur

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